How to Server Mute Someone on Discord?


How to Server Mute Someone on Discord?
When you mute a server, you will not receive any notifications from that server. All channels in the muted server will appear dimmed to you, and you will not be able to click on them or see new messages in them. You can still DM people in muted servers.

How to Mute Someone on Discord?

Discord is a communication app for gamers that lets you easily voice chat, share photos and videos, and join channels with your friends. You can also mute someone on Discord if you don’t want to hear them anymore.

Here’s how to mute someone on Discord:

1. Open the Discord app on your device.

2. Find the person you want to mute in your contacts list or in a channel where they’re speaking.

3. tap or click the Mute button next to their name. It looks like a microphone with a slash through it .

4. When you’re ready to unmute them, just tap or click the Unmute button .

How to Unmute Someone on Discord?

There are two ways to unmute someone on Discord: using the client software or via the user’s personal settings.

Using the Client Software

To unmute someone using the Discord client software, you will need to be in a voice channel with them. Right-click on their name in the member list and select Unmute from the pop-up menu. Alternatively, you can click the microphone icon next to their name in the chat window. This will open a newmenu where you can select Unmute.

Via User Settings

If you are not in a voice channel with the person you want to unmute, or if they have muted themselves, you’ll need to go into their user settings. To do this, click on the cog icon next to your usernamein the bottom left corner ofthe screen. In the resulting pop-up window, select User Settings. Once there, find and click on Voice & Videoin the left sidebar. Under Input Devices, make sure thatthe correct microphone is selectedand then toggle offtheMuted(Push-to-Talk)option just below it.

Who can Server Mute Someone on Discord?

Discord is a communication platform that allows users to chat, share files, and voice call with others. It’s free to use and works on both desktop and mobile devices. Discord also has server mute feature which mutes everyone on the server except for people with a specific role called “Muted”. So, who can server mute someone on Discord?

The owner of the Discord server has the ability to mute any member of their server. To do this, they need to go into the Server Settings > Members > Mute tab. From here, they can select which members they want to mute and how long they want them muted for. If you are an administrator or moderator on a Discord server, you also have the power to mute other members. To do this, simply right-click on the user’s name in your sidebar and select Mute. When somebody is muted in a channel, they will still be able to see all messages sent in that channel but their own microphone will be cut off so they cannot talk. Lastly, anyone with the ManageServer permission can also mute members of their discord servers using above method

When to Server Mute Someone on Discord?

If you’re a server owner, chances are you’ve had to deal with disruptive members who don’t follow the rules. While it’s possible to kick or ban offenders, sometimes a less drastic measure is all that’s needed. This is where Discord’s server mute feature comes in handy.

Server muting allows you to silence a specific user so they can no longer send messages in text channels or use voice chat. muted users will still be able to see messages sent in channels they can view, but they won’t be able to respond. This can be useful for dealing with trolls or simply keeping someone from spamming your channel with inappropriate comments.

Of course, like any other tool, server muting should be used sparingly and only when absolutely necessary. If possible, try to resolve conflicts with offenders without resorting to this measure. And if you do decide to mute someone, make sure everyone on your team is aware of the situation so there are no misunderstandings later on.

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