How to Make a Discord Server Public?


How to Make a Discord Server Public?
If you’ve set up a Discord server, by default it is only accessible to you and the people you invite. But what if you want to make your server public? Here’s how!

First things first, in order for your server to be public, it must have a unique name and icon. These will help people identify your server when they’re scrolling through the list of servers that they can join.

To change your server’s name and icon, go to Server Settings > Overview. From here, you can edit both the name and icon of your server. Be sure to hit Save Changes when you’re done!

Now that your server is properly named and branded, it’s time to make it public so people can find and join it. To do this, go to Server Settings > Members. Under Privacy Settings, check the box next to Public – Anyone Can Join. And that’s it! Your server is now open for anyone to join.

Finally, one last tip: be sure to welcome new members as they join yourserver! A friendly welcome message goes a long way in making someone feel like they belong on yourDiscord community

How to Share Your Discord Server with Others

Discord is a chat app with a following of millions of users. It’s simple to use and can be accessed on any device. Creating a Discord server is free and easy to do. Once you have created your server, inviting others to join is as simple as sharing an invite link.

In this article, we will show you how to share your Discord server with others so they can easily join in on the fun!

1) On the left-hand side of the Discord home screen, click the + icon next to SERVERS. This will bring up the Create a Server page.

2) Fill out the required information for your new server (name, region, etc.). When finished, click CREATE SERVER.

3) On the next page, under INSTANT INVITE, select either: (A) Get instant invite links for all channels – this will generate separate invite links for each channel on your server that you can share individually; or (B) Get one link for your entireserver – this will generate a single link that anyone can use to join your server directly. For both options, copy the generated link(s). Note: If you want people to be able to join without having an account already set up, check the box next to Allow anyone… before copying the link(s). Otherwise leave it unchecked. Now that you have your invite link(s), there are several ways in which you can share them with others:
–Social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, etc. all have functionality built in for posting links. Simply post your Discord invite link as you would any other URL.-Instant messaging apps like WhatsApp allow you to create groups where multiple people can receive messages simultaneously. Share your invite link with these groups so everyone can have access.-If someone has asked for your help setting up their own Discord server , send them your invite link along with some instructions on how to get started.-Advertisingyour server publicly (on websites or forums dedicatedto discussing servers) is generally not recommended as it often invites trolls and/or spammers onto your server . However , if done responsibly , it could result in bringing some active members onto In those cases , simply copy+paste into wherever appropriate .

How to Get More People to Join Your Discord Server

Discord is a great platform for gamers and other communities to connect with each other. However, getting people to join your server can be tricky. Here are some tips on how to get more people to join your Discord server:

1. Make sure your server is visible in the sidebar of the Discord app. This will ensure that potential members can see your server when they browse through servers.

2. Use attractive imagery for your server icon and banner. This will help make your server stand out from the rest.

3. Create a compelling description of what your server has to offer potential members. Be sure to mention any unique features or benefits that users can enjoy by joining your server.

4. Advertise your Discord server on social media and other online platforms popular with gamers or general chatters alike such as Reddit or Twitch streams; link back to your Discord invite in these places so people can easily find and join it! Gaming forums are also a good place to post about servers – leave yours listed there too!

5. If you have an existing community elsewhere, whether that’s another gaming platform or even just a group of friends, let them know you’ve started up a Discordserver where everyone can hang out together (and promote it using the aforementioned methods). Chances are good some of them will want in on the action too!

How to Promote Your Discord Server

Discord is a voice and text chat app designed for gamers that lets you easily find, join, and chat with friends. It’s free, secure, and works on both your desktop and phone. You can even connect with people across platforms, including PC, Mac, iOS, Android, and more. Here are some tips to help you promote your Discord server:

1) Use social media: Social media is a great way to reach out to potential members of your Discord server. Make sure to post about your server in relevant forums and subreddits, as well as on social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook. You can also use paid advertising on social media to reach even more people.

2) Invite friends and family: One of the best ways to get started is by inviting people you know who are also interested in gaming. This could be friends, family members, or even co-workers. Once they’re in the server, they can invite their own contacts too!

3) Use influencers: If there are popular streamers or personalities within your game community that have large followings, reach out to them and ask if they would be willing to promote your Discord server on their channels. This can be a great way to attract new members quickly. Just make sure you have something valuable to offer them in return!

4) Host events: Another great way to promote your Discord server is by hosting regular events such as tournaments or giveaways. This will give people an incentiveto join the server so they don’t miss out on the fun (and prizes!). Promote these events heavily beforehand so everyone knows when and where they need to be.

How to Make Your Discord Server More Popular

Discord is a great platform for gaming communities and other like-minded groups to connect, share information, and bond over their shared interests. However, with so many servers out there competing for attention, it can be difficult to make yours stand out from the crowd and attract new members. Here are some tips on how to make your Discord server more popular:

1) Use social media platforms such as Twitter or Facebook to advertise your server. Make sure to include a link that people can click on to join directly.

2) Utilize Discord’s built-in search function by keyword tagging your server accordingly. This will help potential new members find your server when they search for specific terms related to what you offer.

3) Host regular events or giveaways on your server that will incentivize people to visit and participate. For example, you could host weekly trivia nights with prizes up for grabs, or run occasional competitions where members can win game keys or other rewards.

4) Keep your server organized and tidy by using appropriate channel categories and setting up clear rules/guidelines that everyone must follow. This will create a better overall experience for users and make it more likely that they’ll stick around long-term.

5) Finally, be active in promoting your server yourself! Invite friends, family, co-workers – anyone you think might be interested in joining. The more effort you put into making your Discord server seen and used, the more successful it will ultimately become

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