The Environment

At Mekvale we take our environmental responsibility very seriously.

It goes without saying that all our envelopes are made from responsibly manufactured paper, and we are accredited to both FSC® and PEFC™ certified chain of custody, reassuring you of our environmental committment.


Our overprinting Litho inks are made from vegetable oil -
Kinder to the environment than petroleum based inks.

Our flexo inks are all vibrant water based colours.
We harvest rainwater for use in the printing process and then clean that water for re-use - Saving precious drinking water supplies.
The electricity powering our machines is supplied from green energy sources - promoting the growth of renewable energy.

Our office is lit with low energy bulbs, and our office and factory is heated in winter and cooled in summer by an environmentally friendly system.

Mekvale supports companies committed to a greener environment.